The game 


your world has been awarded the German Simulation and Gaming Award, which is presented for outstanding final theses on the subject of simulation games.

It depicts the basic structure of international political processes, which includes territorial states that make sovereign economic, diplomatic and military decisions and shape their own coexistence. This particularly precise depiction of international politics, based on the essential characteristics of international politics, gives  its innovative character. 

How does the game work? 
In your world, the game participants take on the role of a government and are responsible for the well-being of a fictional state. 

The participants - like real governments - have a certain amount of power (military units, economic productivity, financial means, resources, territorial size, etc.) at their disposal. These can be used freely by each individual states and be negotiated with the other states in diplomatic processes. 

All states differ from one another in terms of their geographical position, territorial size and their economic and military capacities. This creates different needs and starting points. 

The game is turn-based and consists of four game phases that are closely connected and repeated in each round.

In the economic phase, the governments receive capital amounts based on their national budget, which they can then choose to invest in their military and/or economic productivity in the subsequent investment phase. 

This is followed by a negotiation phase, in which the game participants enter into a diplomatic exchange in non-defined groups and contexts and negotiate resources with one another.

Before the end of the round, in the movement phase, the governments then carry out moves regarding their nations security policies  and, if necessary, military conflicts. 

What does the game offer?

Easy to play 

Short explanation time / lean and easily understandable set of rules / no prior knowledge of politics required / learning-by-doing principle

Direct and versatile applicability  

Easy and quick to assemble / 1-room-1-table-8-chairs principle / broad and interdisciplinary range of use in various lessons (politics, social studies, ethics, history, etc.) / your world offers a variety of add-ons , focusing on a number of different themes in international politics/ flexible number of participants (7-32 people) for every lesson size / broad age range (13-99 years) / flexible playing time (2.5 - 8 h).   

  • Political theories (idealism, realism, constructivism etc.) 
  • International politics 
  •  Security policies 
  •  Supranational organizations / regimes 
  •  Refugee crisis 
  •  Nuclear deterrence and proliferation 
  •  Security dilemmas and armament 
  •  Balance of Power 
  •  Alliance policies 
  •  Climate change 
  •  Media influence 
  •   Action and morality 

High level of creative autonomy / self-efficacy of the players 

Despite the complex topic of 'international politics', the participants are bound by only a few, easily understandable basic rules and are therefore largely free to play how they want. This leads to an independent, creative and in-depth examination of the topic and thus to an in-depth acquisition of knowledge. 

Super exciting gaming experience 

Freely selectable government actions - the possibility of using economic and military means of power - having a direct effect on the security of the other states in the international system. This creates a super exciting, dynamic game world in which the states regulate their coexistence themselves through their own agreements and contracts. A multitude of simultaneous, secret and multi-track moves and negotiations puts the players in a situation of permanent uncertainty and tension. 

Quality and science 

Awarded the German Gaming and Simulation Award /

your world is a scientific experiment and teaching aid that has been used for many years in numerous, renowned, national and international institutions (schools, universities, academies and foundations). Due to its different ways of application, decide-and-survive has qualities that are exclusive to the simulation game genre. It combines scientific criteria (validity, reliability, objectivity, repeatability, documentability) with essential teaching material qualities (creating a high learning motivation, learning-friendly environment, holistic and independent learning) and generates valuable synergies.  

decide-and-survive is tailored to enable scientific tests with a high degree of traceability and test subjects / number of players, as well as to implement knowledge transfer and making knowledge tangible within scientific standards. / numerous scientific publications / high-quality game material. 

Game depth and high replay appeal 

Due to the great depth of the game and the pull that the game develops, the participants identify strongly with their respective government roles, which makes international politics particularly tangible for the players. Because of the various ways to play your world, with various group dynamics and scenarios, you can play it again and again. 

Promoting peace and community 

In the game, the participants can experience the causes of interstate conflicts, which means that they can reflect on their own and mutual behaviour in dealing with the topic. This creates an elementary basis for everyone personally to formulate new, peace-making, personal solution approaches / decide-and-survive is a scientific instrument for researching the causes of war / the empirical data collected during the implementation are used for peace research / 10% of the income goes to peace-promoting non-profit organizations (WWF / Doctors Without Borders). 

How can I get the game?

The special lending system - Why can you only rent and not buy your world

These days we know more than ever about the finiteness of resources. To set an example and take responsibility, your world it is only possible to rent your world. That saves resources and the life cycle of the game is fully optimized.
There are already enough games that have been bought once, have gathered dust in the corner, or that are no longer played due to lost parts of the game or that no longer have any relation to the team that developed it. 
The following reasons also speak for themselves: 

  • With every rental there is an active decision to play the game
  • the rental is always up to date
  • every game always contains complete and functioning game materials
  • there is a spare parts guarantee
  • During the entire rental period of six months, we offer an extensive range of online training and support programs for using the game as often as you would like
  • Renting is the cheapest option compared to making a full purchase 
  • Being in contact with us enables quick support and continuous development - on both sides