Great lessons that make teaching easy.

High motivation to learn

With the help of game-based learning methodology, decide-and-survive enables the students to experience international politics in a unique way through simulation.  


A large number of key topics relevant to the lesson are turned into game tasks and dealt with jointly and independently.

Creating your own lessons

The players immerse themselves in world-relevant questions, structures and mechanisms and experience the consequences of their thinking, actions and communication directly.

decide-and-survive provides an individual, in-depth learning of complex issues.

Offer your students a unique platform for learning and gaining experience!

Learning made easy

your world comprises extensive teaching concepts and materials and thus enables  
 a quick and well-founded lesson preparation. The clear set of rules guarantees a successful process.  

The number of participants is flexible between 7 and 32, and no previous knowledge is required. 

your world is suitable from the 7th year of all types of schools.

Easy implementation

The game offers a wide variety of topics and you can adapt the game to fit with your lesson goals.
There is direct support for every question you may have, via the service phone, both before and during the game.

Personal online learning courses and comprehensive tutorials supports you as game leader.

If you are interested, we would also be happy to come to your school and lead your students through the game. Call us!

Researching together


Become part of the research in conflicts and peace. Get certified as a peace research school!  
Every game played contributes to the understanding of how to achieve a more peaceful coexistence. 

In this unique way teaching and researching go hand in hand.

Building a network

With every rental you become part of our donation initiative - 10 percent of all proceeds go to ecological and social organizations that work for sustainability and humanity every day.   


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!

your world – Rental system

The rental system is very simple: 

  • you can rent the game for a period of 6 months (Price: 789€) 
  • if you extend it for another six months, immediately following the previous 6 months, the rental fee is reduced to 189 € 
  • in the event of a renewed rental at a later point in time, the fee is € 489


 Shipping is free throughout Germany.

Our philosophy

your world is dynamic - just like reality and world events. We are continuously working on further developments of the game. We gain the most valuable knowledge from the players themselves. Therefore we look forward to an exciting exchange and constructive criticism!