Our Team

We are a young and dynamic team of three employees. In addition to a long-standing friendship, we are united by the goal of making an active contribution to sustainable and peaceful social interaction. - We have bundled all our skills to build an independent, society-wide, sustainable and innovative open-source peace research project.  

Let's play the Game - Be a Game Changer!


>> The head of your world <<

Steven is the managing director and team leader of your world and the creative head of the team.  As an aesthetician, his work also focuses on the production and design of the game and the didactic-pedagogical aspects (teaching concepts).  What qualifies him for that? 20 years of experience as a game developer, several years of experience in both relevant areas of education (7 years of teaching at state schools, Montessori diploma) and research (MA Political Science, several years of research project experience, ongoing doctorate in peace and conflict research) 

Main focus:  

  • Management, 
  • production and design 
  • pedagogics, 
  • teaching, 
  • rental 



>> The heart of your world <<

Ina is a freelance researcher and the heart of the team. Her main focus at decide-and-survive is on researching. Furthermore, she introduces the players to the game and is assisting with everything during the course of the game. What qualifies her for that? Ina is an empath and coach and loves accompanying people through transformation processes. Her MA in social sciences and many years of experience in various research projects and as a lecturer at universities all complement her profile. 

Main focus :  

  • Research 
  • Customer and funding management 



>> The lungs of your world <<

Nicole is a freelance researcher and the communicator and energizer of the team. Her work focuses on communication (marketing and service) as well as conceptual and strategic development. She also supports Ina in the field of research. What qualifies her for that? Natural and always convincing verbal and written communication skills and a razor-sharp mind. Nicole is a visionary and also has an MA in social sciences with a focus on political science, sociology and (work) psychology. Through her research and development projects, she has gained experience with innovative project management methods. 

Main focus:  

  • Communication + Marketing
  • conceptual and strategic development,  
  • research